The right solution for you
when you are just getting startedwhen you have more requirements


This covers your basic needs for one or two integrations and a few users and an office big screen. The Starter solution includes all of our premium features like realtime refresh and personal support.

  • Realtime refresh
  • Monitoring of scheduled jobs and support
  • 150.000 rows in datawarehouse facts
  • 10 basic users
  • 2 advanced users
  • 2 report roles
  • 1 big screen

2.000 DKK / month + VAT


This will cover the typical need of a growing company with multiple data sources and more user roles - fx. Sales, Customer care, Management and Board members.

  • Realtime refresh
  • Monitoring of scheduled jobs and support
  • 1.500.000 rows in datawarehouse facts
  • 50 basic users
  • 5 advanced users
  • 5 report roles
  • 1 big screen

3.500 DKK / month + VAT

Initial startup cost for a custom analytics platform fitted to your business: 34.950 DKK + VAT, including: 

  • Business workshop discussing your vision and basic needs
  • Integrations to 2 source systems (multiple instances of each system is included)
  • Datawarehouse with 2 facts and 5 dimensions, customized to your business
  • Basic report with relevant key measures
  • Dashbord
  • Online training of super users - learn how to design your own reports and dashboards.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.